The Corruption wiped out all electronically stored data connected to the internet. To this day, we don’t know the origins of the virus or who unleashed it on the world. It had the potential to wipe all computer systems clean, but it primarily focused on stored data. This meant photos, text documents, basically anything we kept as mementos of our past experiences. Between the Second Civil War and the Corruption, huge chunks of the Free Republic’s history have vanished. That’s where I come in.

My father is a historian specializing in the Isolation. I’ve always wanted to be like my dad, even working on my Doctorate in Pre-Corruption history. To put myself through school, I work in Data Reconstruction, one of the most important jobs of our centuries (read: boring.) We scour the world for physical evidence of our lost past. From newspapers to vintage photographs, we collect data and enter it into the database. I find it funny that I’m converting relics into the digital world because the digital world got wiped out. I’ve been there for two years and recently appointed to as a “specialist” focusing on data involving the Children of Nostradamus. Since the 21st century, these individuals have popped up across the world, with what I can only describe as a super abilities. Part of my job is to discover when it started happening and what caused it. They fascinate me.

Meanwhile, I should be grateful for a top priority position and significant pay increase. College ain’t cheap and those bills aren’t going to pay themselves. It’s ironic, I’m working at piecing together the past and here I am detailing my every thought. I guess the historian in me needs to record everything. I should probably get back to my thesis and figure out my topic. I only wish my father were here, he’d know the perfect spot for me to focus in on. Till next time.