My power went out again. The rolling black outs for low priority residents in the Free Republic persist and it doesn’t appear there is any end in sight. I wish I could afford a generator, but eating and paying for text books remain a priority. So for now, I’m holed up in a Phantasm Hub paying for electricity while watching people partake in their virtual reality fixation. I spend my days scanning newspapers and cataloging photographs to put history back together, and Genesis Division believes the answer to our problems exist in a make-believe universe. Mankind has issues.

Today at work my promotion went sideways. I was part of a Specialist team and while looking through a delivery from our Chicago acquisitions department, I stumbled upon a photograph of a man with black eyes. I couldn’t make out what the Child’s ability might be, perhaps the black eyes were the extent of it? When I submitted the entry, no alarms went off. When I went back and added the circular bird tattoo on his neck, the head of Data Entry had me called to his office. He commended me on my work and wished me well, but made it clear he wanted me to take the rest of the day off. They never “urge” us to take time off. Something about the man with black eyes and the tattoo triggered an internal alarm. When I returned to my office, the photograph was missing. Right now, I don’t know if I have a job or if this is their subtle way of terminating my position. I lasted a week.

The week of horrible doesn’t end there. I met with my thesis advisor and pitched my topic. I’m not even going to say what it was, the man simply said, “Derivative. He suggested I dig deeper, claiming that my topic is “surface level thinking.” I appreciate the candid feedback, but can I catch a break? So world, here I am, potentially unemployed, not-yet-graduated, and hanging out with people incapable of coping with reality. What’s next? I fully expect to go home this evening to find an eviction notice on my door. For now, back to brainstorming, maybe I can do research on the Phantasm and the necessity of escapism in a catastrophic society? Or maybe I can bang my head against this table. Till next time.