A tenured professor at the University of Chicago, Dr. Walker dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge in the fields of sociology and modern history. During this time he became one of the leading experts on the Church of Nostradamus and its origin. Having spent time in the community of Troy, he quickly became known as an advocate for expanding relations between the Free Republic of America and the nation of Troy. Dr. Walker received an extremely public sanction from the University’s disciplinary committee for questionable acquisition of data involving the hawk. Later Dr. Walker would be considered a missing person’s case with little to no knowledge of where he might have gone. 

A graduate student at the University of Chicago studying sociology and data acquisition, Michael Lipp is at the top of his class. Son of philanthropists, he has dedicated himself to filling in large data gaps in the history of the Free Republic of America. Working part-time for the leading Data Reconstruction firm, he has been successful in tracing the origins of the Corps and and the instigation of the first nuclear plant meltdown in New Hampshire. Associate to Madison Walker, daughter of Dr. Tobias Walker, Michael has been placed on a watch list by the government.

In each of the seven regions, a Valentine oversees the Church of Nostradamus. Named after their founder, Eleanor Valentine, they are said to be able to commune with Nostradamus himself. While each position is elected by a council of priests, they hold the position until death. Once appointed the Valentine sacrifice their birth name, a rite of passage allowing them to speak with those before them. As the Church of Nostradamus rises in popularity amongst the underprivileged, the Valentine are said to be the voice of the people and yet they avoid all association with the government. While no one is certain, parishioners have always suspected that Valentine are selected not only for their pure hearts, but for being Children of Nostradamus themselves.

Little is known about the woman. Raised by the Church of Nostradamus, she has spent her life dedicated to their cause. A deep dive into her existence shows she has remained off the grid for the majority of her life. A street camera briefly captured Lilith disarming a mugger in the street. Beyond this good deed, the Church of Nostradamus has made an effort to keep her an enigma.

The notorious hacker only known as Pill-R is on the most wanted list for domestic terrorism. Frequently known to infiltrate the Phantasm, he has taken it upon himself to create a smear campaign against the government and their oppressive and negligent regime. All information regarding the hacker has been wiped, leaving him a virtual ghost. It is suspected he is a collaborator with the hacking group simply known as “The 5.”