Origin: 2109_

Thesickness started with the survivors of New York City. It only took days for it to spread along the Eastern Seaboard. The radiation zones in Boston and Washington D.C. along with the a blockade of synthetics contained the infected humans. The Corruption happened shortly after, erasing any details about the infection’s origins or how to properly manage it. Now, the Isolation remains a quarantine zone that the military patrols. There is no explanation as to who or what currently resides in the wastelands. Rumor has it, New England experienced a similar isolation near the end of the 20th century, but with the corruption, the ability to validate is now impossible.

Origin: 2089_

Originally created by Genesis Division as a virtual simulation environment for research and development for the Child of Nostradamus. The platform went public near the end of the 21st century to unify scientific minds across the globe. The consumer environment found wild success with their inexpensive goggles, interactive games, and virtual meeting grounds. Officially referred to as P2, the second generation of the Phantasm offered cybernetic integration, allowing consumers, for all intents and purposes, to “live” within the online environment. While it has led to massive medical breakthroughs and is said to ward off the depression of a crumbling society, psychologist now claim it leads to numerous psychological conditions.. 

Origin: 1990_ Uncomfirmed

Records state the radioactive wasteland surrounding Boston, MA all the way to Portland, ME is the result of mentalist terrorists near the end of the 20th Century, but it is impossible to validate. Speculation of its use after the nuclear disasters vary wildly. Some say it served as hunting grounds for the wealthy while others suggest the government used it as a penal colony. All requests to enter the Outlands since the Corruption have been ignored. Scavengers return from the Outlands boasting robotic scraps long since abandoned by Genesis Division. Any found trespassing are terminated without prejudice. 

Origin: 2034_

It is unclear if New Chicago became the capitol of the Free Republic of America before or after the nuclear attack on Washington D.C. The city rebuilt after the Battle for Chicago and monuments were erected to pay homage to the Children who swayed the tides of war. Now the city is split into two, the upper echelon and the poverty stricken. Few have the resources to relocate and with inter-state transit shut down, the people are left to survive by any means necessary. In the middle of the economic divide stands a former Catholic Church adopted by the Church of Nostradamus, seat of the North American Valentine. While the city is seeing a resurgence in jobs, food and water distribution remains one of the leading causes of protests and violence.

Origin: 1990_ Unconfirmed

Boston is referred to as the capitol of the Outlands. There is little known about the East Coast metropolitan center. Legends have been passed down through sermons in the Church of Nostradamus describing it as a bastion for Children. Amongst the holiest of symbols in the Church is a winged figure commonly known as the Angel of the Outlands. She is said to be a protector of humans and a defender of Children. There is no corroborating evidence, but there is an unsaid belief she also served as leader of a rogue band of Children. Now, Boston is part of the Isolation patrolled by synthetics.

Origin: Unknown

Since the middle of the 21st Century, Troy has become a haven for the Children of Nostradamus. Since moving from a suburban town into “the tower” compound, they have declared a sovereign nation within the Free Republic of America, it has rapidly expanded its scientific advances. Humans are forbidden from entering without consent from the government. While there has been no hostility between Troy and the Free Republic, they remain disconnected from the outside world. Articles have surfaced attempting to portray them in a bad light, revealing their superpowers training academy. It is unknown if the citizens of Troy partake in the idolization presented by the Church of Nostradamus.



Origin: 2043_

Once under the rule of England, the small country revolted and declared independence. Despite the United Kingdom’s threats, the re-emergence of the clans led by Children of Nostradamus resulted in the Caledonia Accords. Now, Scotland is a free country collaborating with Canada to better the world. Front runners in clean and renewable energy, their primary export to the United Kingdom. Despite the government being a democracy with socialist leanings, evidence suggests that the clans act as regents over the territories within Scotland. It is unclear if these clan leaders are Children of Nostradamus like their forefathers.

Origin: 2072_ Unconfirmed

Information abroad is limited and often times inaccurate. London remains the heart of the United Kingdom. Once famine reached the larger cities, the Royal family extended an offer to provide aide to Europe, but at the cost of their independence. With the re-establishment of the monarchy, the King and Queen dispatched their Dukes and Duchesses to oversee their territories. Reports indicate that the family’s power comes from Children of Nostradamus they refer to as, “The Knights of Windsor.” It is unclear if the Knights still exist or if they have been dismissed. It should also be noted that the United Kingdom has outlawed the Church of Nostradamus, though their reasoning remains a secret.

Origin: 2050_

Despite the Corruption wiping out all computerized data, Canada continues to be a world leader. A one-time ally to the Free Republic, all border-crossings remain shut with heavy arms ready to annhilate any who dare to cross. Unlike the Free Republic, it is said that they have found solutions to the water and food shortage. They deny any breakthroughs and frequently claim that Genesis Division does not have the people’s best interest at heart. Near the end of the 21st century, the capital of Canada transitioned to Quebec City. It is rumored that the success of the country is built on the backs of Children. The Free Republic a shoot-to-kill order on any person found trespassing or smuggling in and out of Canada.