The Body Shop is the pinnacle of scientific advancement in the United States. The military continues to employ its use in saving wounded soldiers while the upper class has used it for vanity body modifications. State sanctioned Body Shops perform limb prosthetics capable of accessing nerves and responding faster than average reflexes. For military personnel there are also options to enhance vision to include infrared, night vision and paired with neural links can record and broadcast visual input. Cognitive enhancements allow for faster processing and heightened senses while also allowing soldiers to access the military network including two-way communication and data retrieval. Underground “Hack Shops” have been known to reverse engineer military prosthetics and synthetic technology and integrate it into modifications. Punishment for performing these modifications is life imprisonment.

From birth, all citizens within the Free Republic are given a digital passcode used for networking with phones, data pads, and computers. Over time the use of computers and phones have been replaced sorely with data pads. The hardware is woven through a diamond glass matrix, making the pads nearly indestructible. All data pads have access to the digital network provided by Genesis Division. Most are capable of projection of both communications and simulated computer screens. To prevent another Corruption level event, all data stored on the pads are downloaded to a central server and locked between transferences. It is said to be foolproof, but data experts say this is a presumptuous belief that could lead to another loss of storage across the Free Republic.

Clothing continues to serve both personal expression and practical function. The military created polymorphic fibers to aide in convert missions. The color changing fibers allow a garment to change colors, patterns and styles when infiltrating enemy territories and making it virtually impossible to be detected by cameras. With the advancements of security detection, they have lost their military edge. The technology has been readily available to the public, however, it carries a stigma of poverty due to its reusability of a single garment. Techno-Fashion designers have made use of the material, attempting to elevate its status, but to no avail. Most often it is seen woven into jackets and t-shirts. 

Once upon a time projection orbs were only used as a method of displaying visuals on a flat surface. Eventually the technology became available to create holographic images. Basic models can be controlled through voice or via remote interface while higher end orbs can be controlled using gestures or neural links if the owner has the correct enhancements. Since the advent of the Phantasm, several orbs can be used to create holographic terrain experienced in the virtual simulation. The technology utilized by the orbs that allow them to defy gravity is a mixture of controlled directional sound, magnetics and ultraviolet light. Data Reconstructionists have utilized antiquated projection orbs disconnected from the internet prior to the Corruption to help piece together information leading up to the global phenomena. 

Genesis Division originally developed the Phantasm as a method of training synthetics and military personnel in a controlled environment. However, the external Phantasm quickly developed into a virtual environment fed into neural interfacing allowing for faster and more efficient training of Marines. As the public grew more agitated in during the Food Riots, Genesis Division created a consumer Phantasm to help ease unrest and allow low-income patrons to experience pleasurable escapism. Patrons can create custom environments for themselves or they can join other participants for everything from chatting, dating, or games. The technology has recently come under fire as elite hackers known as “The 5” have managed to insert propaganda into the virtual construct. 

Originally developed by Genesis Division in conjunction with the military, synthetics serve as the primary peacekeepers of the Free Republic. Supplementing the military and police force, they are controlled by a highly developed artificial intelligence. At one time it is rumored that these robotic guards were partially controlled by human operators, but there no record of when they transitioned to being independent entities. Critics complain that synthetics lack a human’s nuance and see the world in a dangerous black and white. However, their ability to infiltrate dangerous urban settings without sacrificing service men have managed to keep them relevant. Currently there are at least a dozen models in operation including the heavyset twenty-foot tall synthetics used for anti-armory combat.

Records about the Tracer program are spotty. Most the knowledge of these creatures are based in horror stories told to children to scare them into submission. Once known as the Barren, Tracers are assumed to be modified and enhanced low-level telepaths. Chemically stripped of their humanity, they are bonded to military personnel. They serve the Paladins as trackers. However it is believed that their purpose is to specifically track and hunt the Children of Nostradamus. While they have never been seen within the civilized areas of the Free Republic, it is said they are common amongst the Paladin who patrol the Outlands.

Fuel shortages have sky-rocketed the price of all transportation. The Corps almost entirely relies on aircraft to move troops. Multi-turbine crafts allowing for vertical lift-off are seen throughout the city moving Marines from one station to the next. Commercial aircraft is reserved for the social elite and comes at an extreme cost. Even road vehicles are seen as a status symbol and are few and far between in urban areas. Several manufacturers have turned to electric vehicles or solar based cars, however, the production has been spotty at best and is still extremely expensive. While the majority of civilians remain local to their home and work, the government recently opened the mag-lift railway connecting major metropolitan areas. This new development is part of an effort to reconnect the country and help ease growing tensions between the East and West.

After the Corruption, registration and proliferation of weapons grew to extreme levels forcing the government to revitalize the synthetic program. Antiquated weapons, untraceable by the government flooded the black market and became standard armament for gangs in urban areas. However, Genesis Division in conjunction with the military started to equip synthetics with non-lethal weapons utilizing sound, magnetic, and electric technologies. While these advancements are seen as state-of-the-art the Free Republic of America has been seen as behind the times while Canada continues to advance technology developed by the Children of Nostradamus including personal defense shields, genetically programmed ammunition and anti-technology deterrents.