Dwayne Ayer Of the Nighthawks, I’ve discovered the most records on Mr. Ayer involved with the vigilante group. As one of the founding members, he is tied to the fall of the New York Research Facility, death of President Joyce, and the Battle for Chicago. I also have footage of his break-in to Bellevue Psychiatric. Military accounts mark him as extremely dangerous and terminate on sight.
Abilities: Over production of electrons in his cells allow for electrical discharge and absorption.
Skits Ayer A late arrival to the Nighthawks, most records of Skits Ayer are found via social media photographs with the sex workers of Hell’s Kitchen. With both parents deceased photograph geo tags have her living in the same convent as Sister Muriel. Arrest records led me to medical records at Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.
Abilities: Ionizing nearby atoms to create plasma just beyond the epidermis also appears immune to “heat.”
Ryan Baker Family was killed during a local law enforcement raid. There are no documents of his whereabouts after that.
Abilities: Low level electromagnetic field disrupting electronics
Conthan Cowan I have obtained one of the original drawings from the exhibition where Conthan publicly demonstrated his abilities. Photographs show him in Manhattan waging a war on synthetics. Confirmed reappearance during the Battle for Chicago. Personal accounts of him involved in the war against synthetics are extensive, it will take take to correlate the records.
Abilities: To create spatial rifts (worm holes) connecting two points. No scientific explanation available.
Jasmine Gentile She served with the government as the lead of the Paladins. There are hundreds of accounts of her spotted throughout the country apprehending Children of Nostradamus. Camera footage shows her present at the New York Research facility and later reinstated with the military. I have acquired her personnel records, however they are heavily redacted. I have forensics specialist working to fill in the blanks.
Abilities: Epidermis can mimic the density of materials while muscle strength alters to compensate for additional mass.
Florence Grace I have the live footage of her transformation at the Oscars. According to time stamps on all my documents, she is the first known display of powers. No records detail what happened to her once she was hospitalized.
Abilities: Can “shape shift” by altering pigment color in skin and hair and increasing Hyaluronic Acid in the body to create slight changes in physical structure.
Soo Jung There are electronic communications between “Needles” and Jean-Luc Baptiste referencing Soo Jung. No information explains her origin.
Abilities: Optical recognition of micro details paired with a heightened processing of data to create a liar detector-like effect.
Sarah Matheus Visibly changed, Sarah is housed in the New York Research Facility for study. Records from the Facility detail her abilities and background. I have not discovered if her connection to the resistance goes beyond high school classmate Conthan Cowan.
Abilities: Increased calcium production released through pores to create a durable exo-skeleton.
Rebecca Michaels I have the military documents for her apprehension by the Paladins, however there are no accounts of her being detained. No further records exist.
Abilities: Able to alter the absorption of lightwaves with skin to create optical illusions similar to invisibility.
Vanessa Morrigan College records list a convent as the home address of Vanessa, placing her in the care of Sister Muriel. The registrar lists her as a graduate “drop out.” I have detailed accounts of her involvement with the New York Research Facility and footage showing her at the White House prior to Cecilia Joyce’s assassination. However, there is confirmation she is also present during the conversion of New York. 
Abilities: Unknown specifics causing the mutation. Permanent alteration in skin pigment and bat-like wings capable of gliding. Hands and feet exhibit animal like qualities, no known relationship to existing animal.
Errick O’Connor Employment records put O’Connor as a medical student at NYU. Photographs place him at the Battle for Chicago. No known records exist beyond that.
Abilities: Promotes cellular “reset” in living subjects through physical contact primarily used for healing.
Alyssa Rahim Obituaries indicate both parents died after the Nostradamus Effect. I have an acceptance letter from Julliard, but no admission papers. Footage puts Alyssa at the New York Research Facility, the White House assassination and the battle for Chicago. 
Abilities: Heightened visual processing connected to rapid development of muscle memory. Can bypass visual recognition and reach levels of mastery through physical demonstration.
Jenny Sanchez Youth identified as a Child of Nostradamus through an Ohio elementary school screening. Shortly after a missing persons report is filed.
Abilities: Highly advanced hearing capable discerning frequencies and distance.
Gretchen Steiner Heir to the Steiner estate in upstate New York. Property records indicate she owned the art gallery exhibiting Cowan and Zappen’s work. She also owned property in the warehouse district. College transcripts demonstrate high marks. No evidence of her at the New York Facility or the White House assassination but given her abilities, I believe she may have been present. Photograph geo tags place her in Chicago post war.
Abilities: Able to bend all known waves around herself and those in physical contact. Renders those affected invisible and mute. No scientific explanation available.
Dav5d Stiles No records exist concerning Dav5d. No birth, death, school, college or photo evidence exist. He is only referenced by Needle’s journal. Could he be as adept a hacker as Needle suggests?
Abilities: Increased neural activity and rapid firing synapses. Capable of using brain function to create complex probability matrixes resulting in predictive reasoning.
The Queen There are military records referring to the woman as a possible threat in the Outlands. Border patrol refers to her as a “siren” which gives hits to her abilities. However, there are no first person accounts.
Abilities: Alter and undulate vocal frequency to strike pain and pleasure receptors in the brain.
Jed Zappens Reviews of Zappens work emerged shortly after his documented capture and release from the Corps. As a potential Class IV (non-active power), he was spotted and killed at Gretchen’s gallery opening. I have yet to find the footage of the event itself.
Abilities: Permanent blue skin pigment.
Needles The origin of Needles remains a mystery. His name is in multiple police databases referring to forging documents and peddling in weapons, however no origin. I have the footage of his announcement to the public prior to the battle for Chicago and several pages of what I believe to be his journal lamenting his friend, Dav5d. Did they know each other before the Nostradamus Effect?
Association: Resistance
Roderick I have no information regarding the man before the Culling retaliation. However, Outland border patrol refer to him as a leader of a faction of survivors. There is one record of him mentioned in Jonah Reilly’s logs during Second Prospect. Images later appear showing him in Canada, no further information available.
Association: Outlanders
Twenty-Seven Originally I had no information about the woman known as Twenty-Seven prior Troy. However, high resolution images showed a branding on her arm and I discovered her dead name is Samantha, a woman exiled to the Outlands for murdering her husband. Police records show her in Chicago before the battle, suspected of border smuggling Children. However, most records refer to her as the “Paladin Commander.” Her involvement with the military is unclear at this point.
Association: Outlanders, Troy, Resistance
Victor I have lengthy files on Victor from the military, all heavily redacted. At some point he is exiled to the Outlands and can be seen in footage from the New York Facility. However, shortly after this he vanishes and I have no record he reaches Canada with Roderick.
Association: Outlanders
Adelaide One of the priests of the Church of Nostradamus, she writes in detail about her experiences before and during her tenure with the religious order. She speaks at length about the experience and sensation of being part of Azacca’s hive mind and being one of the “chosen” by a Child of Nostradamus. She is documented via footage at the Battle for Chicago. 
Azacca Thanks to Adelaide’s journals, I was able to uncover Azacca’s extensive medical records in regards to his multiple sclerosis. She also details his involvement in the resistance, providing spiritual guidance to the people while they rebelled against the government. Later he serves as a consultant to Twenty-Seven while his disciples continue serving the church.
Abilities: Reception and projection of data via specific frequency.
Preacher Thanks to journals from Azacca’s flock, there are many entries about the man known as “Preacher.” However, the only speak about him being a spiritual leader. I have not discovered if he is a Child of Nostradamus or a fanatic. I only have one blurry image of the man and facial recognition has yet to identify him. 
Belletone Records indicate commendations for bravery. However, there are no records of note. 
Specialty: Small arms / Computer & Electrical
Brass No records of note (enlistment or otherwise.)
Specialty: Explosives 
Jonah Reilly Jonah Reilly serves as one of the the most decorated members of the military. He was hand selected by the Department of Defense to oversee the formation of the Corps. His files make mention of Second Prospect, which connects him directly to Ariel Davis, however, all files are redacted. His assassination attempt on President Joyce is documented via White House footage, and shortly thereafter, he commands the military secede to the west coast. I suspect he is the actual cause of President Joyce’s death (contrary to popular media.) Details on his death are somewhat vague and I am still attempt to uncover what might have happened.
Specialty: Covert Operations / Second Prospect Initiative
Murdock No records of note.
Specialty: Sniper / Long range reconnaissance
Sims I have Sims’ employment records with the Department of Corrections. For a very short period, he worked at the same facility that housed Twenty-Seven, I’m curious if they met prior to her taking control of the military? His record both with the DoC and the Corp is spotless and only shows the utmost praise and accolades.
Specialty: Small arms / Unarmed self-defense
Vazquez No records of note.
Specialty: Sniper / Communications
Vlad There are many redacted files speaking to the man’s borderline psychotic behavior. I’ve never seen a man in the military sent for psych evals this much. Somehow he operated as second-in-command of the Paladins underneath Jasmine Gentile. A death certificate marks him as killed in action, but it is also heavily redacted. 
Specialty: Large Weapons / Tactical
Jean-Luc Baptiste Québécois born, Jean-Luc’s rise in the political arena is a heavily debated topic. His public appearance announcing himself as a mentalist is one of the most viewed videos on the internet. He later becomes the Liberal Party Leader and Prime Minister of Canada. His work with the Children of Nostradamus and humanitarian efforts helped secure Canada’s position as scientific and innovative leader of the world.
Abilities: Class III Telepathy
Ariel (Davis) Unknown Records show her as the first mentalist secured by the New York Research Facility. There are numerous studies referring to a young telekinetic girl who I believe to be Ariel. However, once the military partners with the Facility, all mentions of Ariel vanish under the guise of Second Prospect. Later she resurfaces in conjunction with Troy and the Battle for Chicago.
Abilities: Class I Telekinetic 
Arturo Paulo There are medical records at the New York Facility documenting his abilities. However, records become obscure when the military arrive. I have no further records. I suspect fatality, but I have no evidence.
Abilities: Class I Pyrokinetic
Penelope Rodriguez Medical records from the New York Facility have her listed as a dangerous asset. She was kept sedated for her tenure and there is no further mention. I suspect a fatality, but I have no evidence.
Abilities: Class II Empathy (Projection)
Eleanor P. Valentine All media directly related to Eleanor states she is an enemy of the state. There is copious footage of her attempt on President Joyce’s life. However, she later becomes a revered icon in the Church of Nostradamus is later known as the “Daughter of Nostradamus.” I suspect there is a slur campaign against the woman. There is mention of her diary, however there are no records of it existing.
Abilities: Class I Precog (Navigating Future Probabilities)
Ivan Valkov He is a lead researcher at the New York Facility, but his credentials and records from Russia are non-existent. However, after beginning my research I received a file with extensive research into the man. It appears he may have been tied to the Assassination of President Joyce, the fall of the New York Facility and even the Battle for Chicago. It attests that he is not only one of the most power telepaths, but a Child of Nostradamus? What is his connection to Vanessa Morrigan?
Abilities: Class I Telepathy (Suspected Child of Nostradamus)
Salvador Costa Born in Spain, Costa and family were relocated to New York and both parents were awarded jobs at Genesis Division. Parents died shortly after and he became a ward of the state. His paperwork from the Department of Juvenile Services has Franklin Thompson’s signature. He later became the COO of Genesis Division until his body was discovered in a back alley.
Abilities: Class II Telepath (Possession)
Lillian Day Lillian has no birth records. She holds several outstanding warrants for her arrest due to domestic disturbances in the slums of Brooklyn. She is only noted in the public after becoming a chief officer of Genesis Division. It is unclear her connection to the Battle for Chicago, but multiple photographs posted to social media show her present after the event.
Abilities: Class II Telekinetic 
Jacob Griffin Jacob Griffin’s foster father is Franklin Thompson. The boy was taken in and can be seen in multiple Genesis Division announcement events alongside Thompson. In his late teens he assumed control of Genesis Division as its youngest CEO. Despite an attempt to scrub media, it is clear Griffin was present at the assassination of Cecilia Joyce, however I have no idea if it was as the assassin or confidant. I suspect the former as he managed to wrest control of the Presidency from a terrified congress.
Abilities: Class III Telepath
Cecilia Joyce I can find no records linking Cecilia Joyce to the Society despite her collaboration with Genesis Division. The entirety of her army and the Body Shop stems from a Society subsidy, but no documents link the two, which in and of itself is alarming. This is double so when there is record of her designating Ivan Volkov head researcher at the New York Facility. Her public persona as President is extremely well documented.
Abilities: Unknown 
Franklin Thompson I have discovered numerous photographs placing Franklin with Cecilia Joyce during charity events. He is not a public face of Genesis Division, however he is frequently seen at their events. It is unclear at this point if the Society acquired Genesis Division or if they were always one and the same. I am attempting to discern origins of the Society, and who preceded Thompson, however so far my search has turned up nothing.
Abilities: Class II Telepath
Dikeledi White Born in Botswana, White was exiled from her village as a “devil.” She is suspected of murdering her entire family over the course of several years. She can be seen in numerous charity events alongside Griffin, however it’s unclear if she held a position at Genesis Division. A woman matching her description was discovered in Chicago after the event, however no photographic evidence exists to corroborate. 
Abilities: Class I Empath (projection and reception)
Michael Cooper As the Chief of Police, Cooper received multiple condemnations involving his excellence in leadership. It is suspected he was part of the resistance ferrying Children of Nostradamus across international borders. It is noted that his sister is suspected to be a Child but died of illness before testing became mandated.
Association: Chicago Police Department / Resistance
Elizabeth Davis An architect, Elizabeth married college classmate Mark Davis. Together they had one son, name Raymond Valentine Davis (the connection between his name and Eleanor is not lost.) However, Elizabeth’s body was found in upstate New York, burned and only identifiable by dental records. No foul play is suspected.
Association: Wife of Mark Davis
Mark Davis The records about Davis’ professional career have him starting as an intern at the White House. Shortly after his acceptance there, he is appointed to the research Facility. How he managed to acquire that position is unknown. He eventually becomes the non-military liaison to Second Prospect. When the New York Facility transformed from research center to correction’s facility, he maintained his position as the Warden. He is later killed by Conthan according to video footage discovered on site.
Association: New York Research Facility / Husband of Elizabeth Davis
Luther Goddard Employee records place him at the New York Facility but then he vanishes. There are no termination papers and no media can be found of him post employment.
Association: New York Research Facility
Patches No records of note.
Association: New York Art Collective
Rocks No records of note.
Association: New York Art Collective
Sculptee No records of note.
Association: New York Art Collective
Sister Muriel After abandoning a degree in clinical psychology and family counseling, Muriel joined the church. There are countless social media posts including her with the hashtag, “saint of the streets.” Both Skits and Vanessa are included in the woman’s notes as her “wards.” I do not know if she was a member of the resistance or simply a good samaritan. She is currently buried at the convent. 
Association: Child Sympathizer (Mentions of Sister Muriel in the Valentine Diary)
Koji Takahashi A third generation Japanese American, there are records of the man volunteering at the same community center where Alyssa Rahim frequented. However it is unclear their relationship or his connection to the Children of Nostradamus.
Association: Child Sympathizer
Trish No records of note.
Association: New York Art Collective
YiYi No records of note.
Association: New York Art Collective